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Jean-Marc Spirit

(Orange Edition)

Jean-Marc, Jeff Panacloc's faithful puppet was interpreted by Richard Orlinski. 

With spectacular dimensions, this work is a real technical feat.

You all know Jeff Panacloc, but what would he be without his sidekick Jean-Marc the monkey? Since 2009, the duo has been making the whole of France laugh, both on stage and on television. 

Always corrosive and politically incorrect, Jean-Marc spares no one and has become an icon of the new generation of French humor. 

He is hyperactive, as gentle to caress as his jokes are sharp and sharp. 

Frantic, obsessed, nervous, without limits, he always gets away with his fierce but never mean humor. The self-proclaimed king of the joke wins the audience's support and Jeff's unfailing friendship.  

10% of the profits will be donated to the Wonder Augustine association


Dimensions :

13cm x 11,5cm x 14,5cm

Weight : 

500g (packaging included)

Material :