Richard Orlinski signs exclusive chocolate artworks for Monoprix! 

Richard Orlinski, icon of contemporary art, collaborates with the young pastry chef, Yazid Ichemrahen. The duo proposes an original range of 10 organic chocolate bars, to be discovered exclusively in Monoprix stores from March 2022.

This unique collaboration is the result of an inspiring encounter between Richard Orlinski, the best-selling French contemporary artist in the world, and pastry chef Yazid Ichemrahen. Two worlds that share a common desire: to make art accessible to all and democratize excellence.

For the pleasure of the eyes, Richard Orlinski has designed each tablet with the 3D face of his iconic Kong. A Kong enclosed in a packaging imagined by the artist in his pop and colorful universe. It represents the shadows of the legendary animals of his bestiary with the background of his mythical "Tag Painting Raw". A real work of art to chew on! 

The artist and the pastry chef have worked with fine bars of 100% organic chocolate. An exceptional chocolate obtained thanks to one of the pioneers of sustainable agriculture in Cameroon to use only cocoa grown with respect for man and nature, without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. 


richard orlinski
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You can choose between the classic dark or milk chocolate versions, but also between the 4 other tasty, even more delicious variations: praline coulis, salted butter caramel, raspberry or passion fruit.

The bars are available now in your Monoprix stores and on, from €3.70


The artist exhibits for the occasion three of his iconic Wild Kong in the stores Monoprix Croisé Laroche (Marcq-en-Baroeul), Cap 3000 (Saint-Laurent-du-Var), Beaugrenelle (Paris) in March 2022.